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MeToo Orchid Petal Body SS w/ Bib - Bodies

MeToo Orchid Petal Body SS w/ Bib - Bodies
  • 95% Organische Baumwolle, 5% Elastan
  • Organic cotton is grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Environmentally friendly and also soft, this fabric can be easier on your skin.
  • GOTS zertifiziert, umweltfreundlich und frei von Chemikalien.
  • Feinwäsche bei max. 40˚C

Über die Marke

ME TOO is cute and cool children's wear with an exclusive look at a fair price. ME TOO designs collections in bright colors with quality details suitable for active kids. ME TOO know that being a family with kids is expensive - thus proudly provide quality children's wear in great style at prices affordable to everybody.